We seek to achieve our mission by aligning our actions with our shared values, provided below.


Our lab serves as a community of scholars and scientists working together to achieve our goals. We are collaborative and aid in each others’ training and research. We treat each other with respect and compassion. We respect the views of others. We value clear communication between lab members and transparency from our principal investigator.


Our lab is a learning environment where members receive training from the principal investigator as well as other lab members. We value the learning of each lab member regardless of career stage or goals. We create opportunities for lab members to learn through reading, experimentation, conferences, and courses.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We welcome and support scientists regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender identity, or religion. We work to provide a supportive and accessible work environment for those with disabilities. We also accept and support students and scientists regardless of immigration status. We recognize that systemic racism and inequity are a major hurdle in science and broader society, and we commit to educating ourselves and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion both in our lab and more broadly in our community.


We value a safe work environment in which members can perform their research free from physical and emotional harm. Each lab member takes responsibility to provide a safe environment by maintaining cleanliness, organization, and clear communication with other lab members. We look out for each other and help protect other lab members and members of our community from harm.


We are united by our common excitement and passion for science. Our lab serves as a means to make new discoveries and advance scientific knowledge. We support one another in achieving our goals of scientific discovery.


We encourage students and scientists at all levels to follow their interests and explore new areas of study. We provide feedback and share ideas with one another to foster scientific curiosity. We empower lab members to ask bold questions and take risks.

Rigor and Reproducible Science

We recognize that science relies on researchers who are honest and strive to make their work transparent and reproducible. We commit ourselves to performing our work in a rigorous way that ensures reliability and allows other researchers to replicate and expand from our work.

Career Advancement

We are committed to advancing the long-term goals of our lab members, whether they be in academia, industry, education, policy, or other fields. The PI is committed to creating opportunities for trainees to advance their career goals and shape their training to reflect these goals.


We believe that science should be accessible to everyone. We commit ourselves to openly communicating our work with the public, and taking opportunities to share our love for science with students and citizens in our broader communities.